Top 5 Best Gold Sluice Box Reviews in 2020

Gold is generally found as a native and pure metal, embedded in quartz or placer streams. The process of sluicing is done to get pure gold. It is a process that separates and recovers gold from the placer streams or quartz. The process of separation and recovery of gold pieces is done using a special box called the sluice box. The box has riffles that create turbulence that blocks the free flow of materials, separating the gold particles from the quartz. There are different slice boxes used for sluicing gold, though each box comes with its features that make it unique in its way. Some of the top best gold sluice boxes available in the market are:

Stansport Aluminum human growth hormone for sale Sluice Box

It is an aluminum lightweight box construction that can power large amounts of materials in a very short time. It has convenient carry handles that make it easy to transport it. Stansport Aluminum sluice box has an expanded metal mesh and removable filters that capture the tiny pieces of gold. It works by creating eddies the water that flows over the metal mesh and the removable filters, making the heavy particles of the gold sink, while the lighter materials are washed over to the top.

SE Prospector’s Choice Pocket-Sized Sluice Box-GP-SB36PT

It is an affordable, lightweight box with three patterns for the riffles; “V” shape, Hungarian and square shape. The “V” shaped riffles help capture fine gold, while the Square riffles catch the small sized gold particles. The Hungarian riffle is the one that increases the eddies, improving the process of gold recovery. It has a wide mouth that helps concentrate large amounts of materials and reduces collection time. SE Prospector’s Choice Pocket-Sized Sluice Box-GP-SB36PT is made of TPR plastic material that resists rust and corrosion.

SE Prospector’s Choice 30”Green Lightweight Sluice Box-Box-SB32

The box comes with 4 patterns of gold collecting riffles in its channels. The riffle patterns available for the box are Hungarian, ”V” shape, square and micro shapes. The shape contributes equally to the process of gold collection. SE Prospector’s Choice 30”Green Lightweight Sluice Box-Box-SB32 has an adjustable 3-point carrying strap with three different configurations that make it easy for it to be transported. It is made of an ABS plastic material that is resistant to corrosion as well as rust. The rust-resistant feature makes the sluice box durable hence longer services. 

Keene Engineering A52 High Production Hand Sluice

It is a versatile box that is long-lasting and offers superior gold retention. The box has multiple riffles that can accommodate the low water flow, making it possible for the finer gold particles to be recovered. Keene Engineering A52 High Production Hand Sluice has a removable wide flare design that increases the flow and allows for large quantities in different environments. The flare is lined with a micro-riffle mat that acts as an indicator to notify you whether the gold is found or not, reducing the waiting time.

GoldHog Stream Sluice With Legs and Matting

GoldHog Stream Sluice with Legs and Matting package comes with two mats, stream sluice, and a full leg kit. The full leg kit is fixed into the stream sluice, a feature that makes it easy to set it up and easy removal from the creek. The mats help adjust the water flow, making it easy to collect the gold pieces. The sluice box design and size make it easy to be carried in a backpack easily in traveling. Its powerhead easily fits into the sluice box.

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