BBQs2u – New Entry of Gozney Dome Pizza Oven

Making pizza may not be a necessity, but it is fun to bake and serve hot pizzas with your special toppings. You have all the ingredients at home, you just need a pizza oven.

And BBQs2u has everything that you’re looking for. They not only deal in the best barbecue brands, but they also keep top brands like Ooni pizza ovens.

Recently, they added a new launch from the Gozney brand, the Gozney Dome Pizza Oven – Bone. It is a superb outdoor oven that can improve your outdoor cooking experience.

This oven offers a flexible cooking experience that can help you easily in making delectable dishes. It is skilfully made from high-quality components that are built to last long.

The Gozney Dome Bone premium outdoor oven, the company’s most recent offering, has been under development for three years.

The Dome offers to cook a wide variety of foods, including excellent pizza both fast on a high heat and slowly on a moderate heat.

It can cook anything, including pizzas in the Neapolitan style, steaks, slow-smoked meats, and sourdough bread, and it will always be the hot topic of conversation at any outdoor event.

Benefits of Gozney Dome Bone Pizza Oven 

  • A durable outdoor oven with good insulation.
  • Exceptional planning and execution.
  • Easily reaches high temperatures.
  • Fun add-ons and accessories.

BBQs2u also sells Gozney pizza oven accessories for customers’ convenience. Thus, BBQs2u online store is a one-stop shop.

What’s more? Their fast delivery and top-quality packaging keep the product safe and reach the doorstep before the stipulated time.

Accessories available in BBQs2u –

  • Gozney Dome cover
  • Gozney Dome door
  • Gozney Dome mantel
  • Gozney Dome placement peel
  • Gozney Dome stand
  • Gozney Dome steam injector
  • Gozney Dome turning peel
  • Gozney Dome wood
  • Gozney Dome wood loader
  • Gozney Dome wood rack
  • Gozney Dome cutter
  • Gozney Dome scraper
  • Gozney infrared thermometer
  • Gozney Dome pizza server

Since it is a new launch at BBQs2u, you will get it at a reasonable price. You can also avail discounts on special seasons.

Though you may not have to wait long, because the retailer is always ready with new offers and bundle discounts.

They are famous for Kamado Joe & MasterBuilt BBQs UK sale. Their bundle discounts have always attracted and kept customers loyal.

Where Kamado Joe is an ancient traditional style griller, on the contrary Masterbuilt is an advanced technology that works through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

You can also visit their showroom to check all the ovens and grillers along with the accessories.

They ensure that the products are delivered on time. BBQing is a great way of enjoying food with friends and family as well as keeping food healthier. This is why BBQs2u is passionate about barbecuing and wants to keep the tradition alive.

Spend less money on eating outside and explore more options with BBQs2u. they wide range of products from renowned brands.

There is definitely something in the package for every enthusiast. No backyard is complete without a barbecue in every Briton’s home. This time add a pizza oven to your inventory.