Why Getting an AWS Certification Is Significant?

Cloud technologies are being adopted by organizations regardless of industry. The emergence of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence has further incentivized the utilization of cloud-based technology. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading service providers in the cloud computing industry because of its compliance with cloud computing models such as Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

With this widespread adoption of AWS by organizations, one of the biggest challenges faced by them is the lack of certified professionals who can handle the responsibilities that come with cloud adoption. The AWS certification demonstrates a shared knowledge of a platform, shared terms, and a standard level of cloud expertise that can accelerate time to value for cloud projects. Being an AWS certified professional, you must ensure that your knowledge and skills have been validated by AWS themselves. This has several benefits that we’ve listed out for you:

Benefits of Getting an AWS Certification

1.Better Career Opportunities

An AWS certification is essential while pursuing a career in cloud computing as it helps assure your employer of your skills concerning the domain. The certification leads to an exponential increase when it comes to suitable job opportunities. It also offers flexibility in choosing your career trajectory. Amazon currently controls almost 33 % share of the cloud computing market, and AWS continues to achieve a year-on-year growth of 43%. This implies that AWS will continue to control the cloud computing market in the future and certified AWS experts will continue to command great demand.

Cloud computing brings numerous benefits to enterprises. With any AWS certification, one is knowledgeable enough to manage, develop, and execute cloud services in a variety of industries such as retail, finance, healthcare, government, banking, or insurance.

2.Satisfying and Lucrative Jobs

According to a study, Certified AWS Developer – Associate has been ranked as the fourth top-paying certification in the IT industry. Although the salary ranges vary in different parts of the globe, a Global Knowledge survey reported that AWS certification had increased the salaries for the average certified respondents by as much as 25.9 per cent. As an AWS certified professional, your credentials signify the skill set you have and implies that you are a highly skilled individual with in-depth knowledge of the AWS platform.

With a surge in demand for cloud professionals, AWS training and certification ensures that you will earn lucrative salary packages anywhere on the globe as compared to other IT professionals.

3.Recognition and Enhanced Career Development

Professional certifications are bound to provide an edge in the recruitment process and give you a prominent edge in a competitive market. According to a recent survey from HR.com, all the participating enterprises agreed that candidates with industry certifications are favoured during the recruitment process. Because of the widespread adoption of AWS cloud services, the demand for AWS certified professionals is increasing, and this is predicted to continue.

4.Showcase Your Dedication To The Industry

AWS certification training takes a considerable amount of hard work, dedication, time and effort and demonstrates your level of commitment to the industry and the best practices that form its foundations. This level of dedication to the profession is always inspiring and sought after by employers. The certification will provide you with a real edge during recruitment processes, irrespective of whether you are seeking employment or want a change in your career.

5.Cloud Is the Future

Since its inception, AWS has helped eradicate extra infrastructure costs and replaced it with low variable prices. AWS provides a plethora of options, beginning from hosting small sites to running a complete data centre. It is forecasted that by 2022, non-cloud infrastructure will not exist in the market and would have been replaced by cloud computing as a default model. An AWS certification course can be viewed as a preparation for the future and a must-have certification to possess if you are hoping to venture into the cloud computing industry.

In a nutshell, AWS is one of the prominent names and is considered to be the future of cloud technology. Being certified in AWS would help you in preparing for future trends in the cloud job market, thus generating great benefits for you in the future.