7 boat excursions in Mallorca that you cannot miss

On this article we are going on a boat trip, and we are bringing you boat trips in Mallorca  that may be the best thing about your trip to this island . Because when we travel to Mallorca we think of the typical excursions in Mallorca to the Caves of Drach, with the train from Soller, to Formentor… but nobody takes into account that in Mallorca there are very fun activities at sea.

Excursion to Cabrera

The boat trip to Cabrera is the favorite amongst the residents of Mallorca, and there are many reasons why. Until you have been to Cabrera you do not understand what paradise is. It is a practically virgin place, with hardly any buildings, and the only natural park in the Balearic Islands. The only way to get there is by boat, and preferably from Colonia de Sant Jordi, since it is the closest place, and the journey by boat is shorter (about 35 minutes).

On the island of Cabrera there are many things to do. Cabrera has amazing beaches, virgin beaches with crystal clear waters. You can also walk up to the castle where you have the best view of the island. Don’t miss the museum that explains the history of the island. And end your boat trip at the blue cave where you can take a bath in its blue waters, being an amazing experience.

A catamaran excursion

Among the different boat excursions, a catamaran excursion is one of the most popular in Mallorca. There are catamaran excursions from different ports in Mallorca, but if we have to choose one, our favorite is from Puerto Alcudia. Why? Because it is the most modern catamaran, it sails through two bays bordering the coast and makes 3 different stops in secrets coves.

On our last excursion we visited the Coll Baix beach, the isolated and beautiful Cala Engosalba and the beach near the Aucanada lighthouse. In times of Covid the catamaran follows all security measures, both in limited passenger capacity on board and in everything related to hygiene. Another plus for this catamaran trips is that lunch and drinks are included.

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Sunset on a sailboat

The best way to see a sunset is on a boat excursion. On board a classic sailboat in the bay of Pollensa, you will see the marvelous sunset. You start with a swim in the late afternoon in a secluded cove, and then enjoy tapas with a glass of cava while watching the last rays of the sun in Mallorca. The variety of colors of the sun mixing with the mountains of the Sierra de Tramuntana is quite a spectacle. 

Rent a boat in Mallorca

It is true that it is not the most affordable or cheapest option, but if you have a budget or you are with a group of friends, it is worth it. When renting a boat you have two important advantages. On one hand, you don’t share the boat with anyone else, just your group. On the other hand, you can agree with the skipper which itinerary or route you want to do. You can decide which coves to visit, how long to stop in each place, you can bring your food and drink … And it is always better to rent it with a skipper, but let it be from the island. One of those who know the island in detail, they know which coves to take you to, they know the sea caves and the hidden corners of the coast of Mallorca.

Boat to Formentor

Who has not heard of the famous Formentor beach? It appears in all the travel guides of Mallorca, and with all its merit. A beautiful beach with fine sand, crystal clear waters and surrounded by a beautiful pine forest. The most common way to get there is by car, on a road that in summer has many crowds and an expensive car park in Formentor. But there is another way to get to Formentor … by boat.

From Puerto Pollensa, a ferry leaves daily from April to October, which in just 25 minutes takes you along the coast to Formentor beach. The boat trip is very beautiful, since you see this part of the island from the sea, and you pass places like Sa Fortalesa, where Rafa Nadal got married. The best thing about this boat trip is that the return time is flexible, and you can choose when to return. Thus, you can spend more or less time in Formentor depending on what you like the most.

Dolphin watching in Mallorca

It is a very different boat excursion in Mallorca, something very special and unique. You have to get up a little early, since the excursion starts at 7 in the morning, but it is worth it. Why so early? Because it is combined with the sunrise in the north of Mallorca. Our preferred option is the catamaran departure from Puerto de Pollensa. The advantage of the catamaran trip is that you can see the dolphins from much closer, and take the best photos and videos. In addition, it is much safer and more stable than small boats.

Being a very popular boat excursion in Mallorca, it is essential to book in advance, and it’s only operating from May to October.

A boat trip in Mallorca with children

We finish our list of boat excursions in Mallorca that you cannot miss with a suggestion for families with children. Mallorca is a very important family destination, and everyone (especially those with children) know that you cannot take them on just any excursion. Therefore, the ideal is a short excursion with a stop to take a swim. If on top of that, we add submarine vision, we already have something that children will love.

From Puerto Alcudia there is a two-hour excursion, which is the ideal duration, to the Coll Baix beach where a stop is made to take a swim before returning to the Port. On the way back you sail very close to the coast, and many times you can see wild goats. And children love underwater viewing, although Mallorca is not the Caribbean, but they will see quite a lot of fish.


And so far, this list of some of the best excursions in Mallorca by boat. If you have any questions, you can write to us to ask. And if you liked the article, don’t forget to share it.

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