5 Places You Can’t Miss In El Paso

El Paso is a truly unique city. The city is located directly on the U.S-Mexico border, meaning that the area is heavily influenced by two different cultures. However, the unique blend of cultures makes El Paso a special place. In addition to its unique location, El Paso also has a wide variety of attractions to visit, both natural and man-made. So if you just closed on one of the El Paso houses for sale and are looking for attractions to visit, where should you start? Here are five places in El Paso that you absolutely can’t miss. 

Franklin Mountains State Park

If you’re in El Paso, then there’s absolutely no way that you can miss Franklin Mountains State Park. The park is located right in El Paso, making it quite difficult to see the massive mountain range. The Franklin Mountains are an amazing location for outdoor enthusiasts, providing the perfect hiking destination. Even if you’re not someone who goes out of their way for a good hike, the Franklin Mountains can offer up some of the best views of the entirety of El Paso, meaning that it is well worth the trip. Finally, extreme outdoor enthusiasts can even set up and camp in the state park, something that can be a truly beautiful and awesome experience. If you find yourself in El Paso, you absolutely need to check out Franklin Mountains State Park. 

Historic Plaza Theatre

One of the most historic locations in El Paso is the Plaza Theatre. Originally built in 1930, the theatre was later renovated in the early 2000s and reopened its doors to the public. Today the Plaza Theatre is an integral part of El Paso culture, hosting a wide variety of shows and performances. In addition, the Plaza Theatre is just simply stunning, as the entire building is ornately decorated and painted. The Plaza Theatre is one of the most beautiful buildings in the El Paso area, meaning that you definitely should make it a point to visit the location and check out a show. 

Zin Valle Vineyards

When you think about El Paso, you don’t usually think of vineyards and wineries, as the entire region is covered in an arid desert. However, Zin Valle Vineyards is a locally owned vineyard and winery, meaning El Paso residents can enjoy the vineyard experience. Visiting a vineyard can be some fantastic adult fun, allowing you and your friends to try some amazing types of wine. The vineyard is such a unique attraction around El Paso, and you surely won’t find anything like it nearby. As a result, you definitely won’t want to miss Zin Valle Vineyards. 

Sunland Park Dinosaur Tracks

The disappearance of the dinosaurs has long been one of the most fascinating topics to study and analyze. Americans are fascinated with just about anything related to dinosaurs, as it gives us a glimpse of what our world was like millions of years ago before humans even existed. One place that lets you get up-close to the dinosaur craze is Sunland Park, a place famous for its dinosaur tracks. The park has several fossilized tracks that have existed for millions of years, allowing visitors to get a close look at what dinosaurs were like. There are several tours that you can take, all of which will show you some absolutely fascinating tracks from several different types of dinosaurs. If you’re into anything dinosaur-related or just want to experience a very unique attraction, then Sunland Park is something you’ll definitely want to visit.

El Paso Museum of Art

Art is an extremely important part of any culture, and thankfully the El Paso area honors the subject with the El Paso Museum of Art. The museum has a wide variety of art exhibits on display, with pieces ranging from a variety of different time periods. However, like any good museum, the El Paso Museum of Art offers a wide variety of services such as lectures, concerts, and educational events for children. However, perhaps the museum’s biggest claim to fame is that it is the only accredited art museum in a several hundred-mile radius. The area surrounding El Paso is completely devoid of any type of art museum other than this one, meaning that this is surely a place you have to visit and check out.