5 of the Best Reasons to Move to Minnesota

Each year, more than 35 million Americans choose to pull up their roots and move. While some move within their state, many decide to leave their states behind to pursue something new.

There are many reasons Americans move. Job opportunities, more affordable housing, and better medical care are among the top reasons. But many simply want a fresh start and change of pace.

If you’re considering a fresh start in a new state, Minnesota may have just what you’re looking for. Continue reading below to learn five of the best reasons to move to Minnesota this year.

  1. Lots of Scenic Water

Minnesota’s nickname is “The Land of 10,000 Lakes.” That might sound impressive, but it doesn’t do the state justice. There are actually 11,842 lakes nestled inside Minnesota’s borders.

All these lakes offer plenty of opportunities for fun activity. You can go boating, fishing, or swimming. You can also picnic on one of many shorelines and enjoy a scenic view with your meal anytime.

  1. a Diverse Population

Minnesota’s population is full of diverse cultures and communities. There are modern millennial cities, family neighborhoods, and quiet retirement communities. Whether you want to live in Forest Lake Apartments or on a quaint farmhouse near the woods, Minnesota has you covered.

  1. the People Are Nice

Midwesterners are known for being so nice it’s become an ongoing joke they apologize to objects for bumping into them. The funniest thing is these jokes aren’t all that exaggerated.

Minnesotans will go out of their way to be helpful and friendly. If you want to live somewhere with a distinct community feel statewide, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better state than Minnesota.

  1. the Economy Is Thriving

Did you know Minnesota ranks as the┬áthird lowest state in terms of unemployment? With only four percent of the state’s population unemployed, you can be sure there are plenty of job opportunities to go around. In fact, seventeen Fortune 500 companies are located inside the state.

  1. Plenty of Opportunity for Outdoor Exercise

Outdoor exercise has multiple science-backed benefits. Fresh air and sunshine, for example, are known to help ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression. When you get moving, you also lower your risk of multiple diseases.

In Minnesota, there’s no limit to the opportunities for outdoor exercise you can experience. There are dozens of trails perfect for a family or couple’s hike. If you’d rather go biking, there are just as many opportunities to do that!

Do You Have More Questions About Why You Should Move to Minnesota?

There are so many reasons why moving to Minnesota just makes sense. The five listed here are only among the best reasons to do so. From friendly people to a thriving economy, you just can’t go wrong.

Do you have more questions about why you should move to Minnesota?

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