3 Great Interior Design Ideas to Try Out

There is nothing quite as satisfying as being proud of your home. This satisfaction is amplified when you have handled every minute detail of the interior design yourself. 

Whether you’re buying a new house or looking to do some home renovations, we can all use some direction for our home decor. Keep reading to find our favorite design tips to liven things up around your home. 

1. Make Small Spaces Appear Bigger

If your home is on the smaller side, you have a few options to make it appear bigger. 

Light colors for the walls can help make any room feel larger. Amplify this effect by painting a darker color on an accent wall to provide more depth to the room.

Mirrors are a great addition to any small bedroom or living room. Mirrors create a sense of openness in a room and trick us into believing there’s more space than there is.

Ditch the curtains or area rugs. These non-essential pieces of decor add bulk to the room and can make it feel suffocating.

You may want to buy louvre doors as they can be both aesthetic and functional for your home. They’re great in closets or pantries as they can break up the monotony of the room and boost air movement. 

2. Make a Statement

Choose one statement piece in your main living area. This can be something like a beautiful area rug or an eye-catching piece of art. A piece of furniture like a unique bookshelf or egg chair area wonderful additions to any room. 

An accent wall can also act as a statement piece. Paint one wall a bold color like a jewel-tone amethyst or mustard. Accent walls are not meant to be subtle, so go wild. 

3. Get Crafty

One of the best (and most affordable) interior design tips we have is to flex your creativity muscles. Over nine million tons of furniture will wind up in landfills this year. Why waste when you can breathe new life into old pieces of furniture with just a few basic tools and a couple of hours. 

Scour your local garage sales to find vintage furniture that’s in good shape. Wood pieces like dressers, tables, or headboards can be sanded down and repainted. Try using chalk paint to achieve a shabby chic flair. 

Reupholster old dining room or accent chairs for a funky and fresh look. 

Transform a boring old wall into a stunning and eye-catching part of your decor by using wall stencils. Not only is stenciling cheaper than wallpaper, it’s easier to paint over and safe for your walls, too. 

Do Your Own Interior Design

You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to a designer to craft your dream home. With a little creativity and ingenuity, a beautiful and affordable home interior is within reach. 

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